Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

1. Representation in Property Disputes
– Representation in property disputes of NRI properties in India by our top-notch lawyers to ensure the highest level of legal support.

2. Property Search and Acquisition
– Expert assistance in finding and purchasing residential or commercial properties in India.
– Negotiation of property prices and terms on your behalf.
– Verification of property titles to ensure clarity and legality.

3. Property Monitoring
– Regular inspections and reporting to ensure your property remains in excellent condition.
– Security measures and maintenance checks to safeguard your investment.

4. Property Management
– Comprehensive management services including tenant placement, rent collection, and property maintenance.
– Handling of all lease and rental agreements, ensuring they comply with local laws.
– Conflict resolution and legal assistance for tenant-related issues.

5. Rental Assistance
– Services for NRIs looking to rent properties in India, including finding suitable properties and negotiating lease terms.
– Assistance in renting out your properties, including marketing, tenant screening, and lease management.

6. New Construction and Development
– Management of new construction projects tailored for NRI needs, from conceptualization to completion.
– Coordination with architects, builders, and contractors to ensure quality and adherence to timelines.

7. Legal and Documentation Services
– Handling all necessary legal formalities and documentation for property transactions.
– Legal consultation and representation in property disputes or legal challenges.

8. Investment Advisory Services
– Guidance on property investment opportunities and market trends in India.
– Analysis and advice on the potential returns and risks of property investments.

9. Customized Services
– Tailored services to meet specific needs such as renovation, relocation assistance, or property upgradation.

These services aim to provide NRIs with comprehensive solutions for managing their real estate investments in India effectively and securely.

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